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Womed is pioneering innovative, safe and effective treatments to free women from challenging uterine pathologies: infertility, endometriosis, fibroids and uterine bleeding.

Our treatments

A portfolio of intrauterine products, based on a proprietary polymer technology with proven safety and tolerance

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Womed has developed Womed Leaf®, a treatment for women whose uterus is scarred and subject to repeated miscarriages.

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Womed is developing a new intrauterine drug delivery system to alleviate the tremendous suffering of women with endometriosis and help them lead a normal life.

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Womed is developing a low dose, targeted, intrauterine effective treatment to reduce abnormal bleeding associated with fibroids.

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Womed is developing a rapid and effective treatment for women presenting to the emergency suite with acute uterine bleeding.

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Latest News

We are pleased to announce that Womed Leaf is now available in the EU

To place an order, please have your hospital administration contact us at


Your patients can also order it online by uploading a prescription on

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